Our Brewing Process

Where most so called 0% alcohol beers are basically reverse engineered, i.e. removing the alcohol from readymade beer. 3Sisters is drastically different. "How?," you may ask. Well we don’t use alcoholic beer and reverse engineer our drinks. Our drinks are made with great care, with quality ingredients, hops, malt, ginger, cranberries, strawberries and peaches, as well as an innovative 0% alcohol retentive brewing process. This means that we are maniacally obsessed in giving you the same, genuine taste with NO alcohol, fewer calories (our signature German Lager has a mere 13 calories per 100 ml serving, and a negligible 2 grams of sugar!) and definitely NO hangover.

How do we do this? Quite simply by using a process that eliminates fermentation. Fermentation is the process by which magical yeast converts the overall concoction to alcohol. So NO FERMENTATION means NO ALCOHOL, and NO ALCOHOL means a CRISP, REFRESHING, DRINK, without a HANGOVER, LESS SUGAR and NO BEER BELLY!

All we have to say then is… YOU'RE WELCOME!

Happy Tippling!