Aruba Mixology – Blueberry Margarita

Are you a fan of the Margarita? Well, this is a twist that you'll enjoy thoroughly. Introducing the Blueberry Margarita. Rich in Tequila, refreshing, and just what you need to make a warm Saturday afternoon count.


  • Tequila - 30 ml
  • Aruba Blueberry Lemonade - 100 ml
    Optional: lemon slice (for garnishing)

How to Make?

As with all Aruba-based cocktails, there are no complicated instructions or brewing gear involved. You can make this in 4 easy steps -

  • Salt the rim of the glass
  • Pour 30 ml of Tequila
  • Add 100 ml of Aruba Blueberry Lemonade, ice, and mix well
  • Optionally, garnish with a lemon slice. If you'd like some tanginess in the drink, add a dash of Orange Syrup.

Stir and enjoy chilled. Cheers!

Excited to try the Blueberry Margarita?

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