Aruba Mixology – Cooch Behar Cocktail

A classic Vodka-based cocktail, the Cooch Behar will appeal to your palette if you like your drinks to have a fiery edge.


  • Flavoured/Pepper Vodka - 30 ml
  • Aruba Jeera Masala Seltzer - 30 ml
  • Aruba Mojito Seltzer - 30 ml
    Optional: Red Chilli powder / green chilly paste (for extra spike)

How to Make?

As with all Aruba-based cocktails, there are no complicated instructions or brewing gear involved. You can make this in 4 easy steps -

  • Pour 30 ml of Flavoured/Pepper Vodka
  • Add 30 ml each of Aruba Jeera Masala and Aruba Mojito. For making the drink spicier, add your choice of chilly.
  • This tastes the best when served chilled. Add ice cubes as per your preference. 2 is the sweet number.
  • Stir to get the party started. A simple spoon does the job just right.

Excited to try the Cooch Behar cocktail?

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