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6 Types of Snackers You Know

6 Types of Snackers You Know

Snacking is a big part of our lives. Even when we’re full, we cannot say ‘no’ to chips. And it is physically impossible to eat only one chip. So there we are, eating bags full of chips and snacking our heart away. People love to snack on samosas, sweets, chocolates, namkeen, chat, chips, etc. In India, there is no dearth of snack items. For every region, state, and city you will find unique dishes to snack upon. 

Usually, when we think of snacks, all the things that come to our mind are oily and unhealthy. But nowadays,healthy snacks like peanut chikkis, protein bars, and ragi chips are available for people who’re following a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating is becoming the trend now, but that does not mean we have to stop snacking. You might prefer a vada pav or a mix of nuts and seeds when you get hungry. No matter what you snack on, there are 6 types of snackers that we see:

1. The Binge Eater : We all might have experienced a binge eating session someday where we just keep on eating and eating. Binge eating is a term that we use to describe eating continuously and more than our normal appetite. However, binge eating is also a serious eating disorder where binge eaters tend to have an all-or-nothing approach to eating, where they may go for extended periods of time without eating, and then consume large amounts of food in a short time frame. This is followed by feelings of guilt and shame. 

 2. The Midnight Snacker : You might have walked into the kitchen at midnight for a glass of water to see your sibling having a feast on the dining table. Midnight snacking is preferred by people who’re awake throughout the night and naturally they start feeling hungry past midnight. They usually have to make do with leftovers or some dry snacks. But with swiggy and zomato, you may also find them ordering from restaurants.

3. The Ninja Snacker : This person values convenience and is always prepared for hunger with a snack on hand. Such people are saviours when you’re stuck somewhere and your stomach cannot stop growling. Having a snack handy helps ninja snackers to be ready for any situation and it’s easier to make friends when you offer someone a snack!

4. The Zero Snacker : This person follows a strict meal schedule, and doesn't believe in snacking. They may feel that snacking disrupts their eating schedule or interferes with their weight loss goals.These people have the self-control of a saint when it comes to snacking. No matter what everyone is munching on, they will never hesitate from saying ‘no’ and following their diet. They tend to eat full meals with nothing in between.

5. The Evening Snacker : In India, we have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in the evenings. Around 5 pm, many people start feeling hungry. Dinner’s still far away but you need something to fill yourself up. Evening snackers eat a mini meal between lunch and dinner. It’s the perfect time to snack according to many. Along with tea and coffee, people eat biscuits, homemade savoury items, fried foods like bhajiya, cakes, muffins, etc.

6. The Boredom Snacker : This person snacks out of boredom, and tends to reach for comfort foods, such as ice cream and popcorn. They may eat even when they are not hungry, and may associate snacking with relaxation or stress relief. Most of us are guilty of eating just because we’re feeling bored. Snacking fills up that void and we don’t blame you!

Snacking gives us pleasure in the midst of an overwhelming day. It gives us energy to move on. It is a reason to hang out with friends and a way of sharing love and affection. When you offer someone snacks, you’re giving them a reason to smile. But it is also true that snacking on oily foods can bring many health problems. People who’re on diets for weight loss or for following a healthy lifestyle are made to stay away from snacks. But there are options for tasty and healthy snacks. 

No BS snacks are low calorie snacks that come in 4 different varieties. From Makhana to roasted multigrain to roasted ragi ro moong jor, you can choose whatever pleases your taste buds. You don’t need to give up on snacking to stay healthy, you just need to choose better snacks to munch on!
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