Beers & ‘Truth or Dare’ Game – Combo

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The one-shot solution to lighten up all your house parties & trips – 3Sisters non-alcoholic beers & a classic party game by Nonsense – Truth or Dare

This combo contains –

  1. Our Assorted Pack, with 6 pints of our refreshing flavours – German Lager, Cranberry, Ginger, Strawberry, Peach, and Kiwi Mint. 0% alcohol, 100% fun!
  2. An Amazing Party Game – Truth Or Dare: Play With Your Friends And Relive Those Childhood Memories ( Obviously With Some Tadka ) And Humiliate Them With Some Super Fun Truths Or Dares!



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8 Reasons To Pick Our House Party Combo

1. Taste All 6 Flavours in One Pack – Get a pint of each of our 6 refreshing flavours – Ginger, Strawberry, Cranberry, Peach, German Lager, and Kiwi Mint!

2. Fun Party Games by Nonsense – Comes with a fun party game by Nonsense, ‘Truth or Dare’

3. Brewed with the Finest Ingredients – Each sip of our non-alcoholic beers is a flood of taste of premium ingredients, sourced from the best sources. 

4. 0% Alcohol, 100% Fun – Skip the alcohol, not the happy times. Enjoy any occasion with a 3Sisters Non alcoholic Beer.

5. Drink & Drive, Guilt Free – At 0% alcohol, our non-alcoholic beverages are the perfect companion for a long road-trip. Turn up the music and enjoy a cold one.

6. Perfect for Social Drinking – Enjoy the party without the worry of a hangover. From the poolside to the Sunday brunches, 3Sisters Non alcoholic Beers refresh like nothing else does.

7. Choose Beer, Not Beer Belly – Our beers (non alcoholic beverages) have 30% less sugar and 50% less calories than a regular beer. This makes it perfect for when you want to enjoy the drink, without missing out on your fitness goals.

8. The Fun Office Drink – Work Drinks are enjoyable when they don’t come with guilt. Enjoy a cold beer while working, or raise a toast with your colleagues at office parties.














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