Celebration Pack – Non-Alcoholic Beers & Snacks

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Start the party wherever you are with the Celebration Pack!

The Celebration Pack features an assortment of refreshing non-alcoholic beers by 3Sisters and the new lite and healthier snacks by No-Bullshit.

It’s great to enjoy with anyone and at anytime – Be it with parents at home, friends on a road trip, and the entire family on a festival.

What’s Inside the Pack –

  1. 6x Non-Alcoholic Beers – 6 flavours, 0% Alcohol, 100% Fun!
  2. 5x No-Bullshit Healtheir Snacks – Healthier, Lighter, and Delicious!



Here’s why you should pick the Celebration Pack –

a. Dayumn delicious Non-alcoholic beers & snacks
b. You can enjoy the 3Sisters beers on a drive, in a party, and even with your family.
c. No-Bullshit snacks are excellent for guilt-free snacking!
d. Perfect for gifting!

Try the best of 3Sisters Non-alcoholic Beers & No-Bullshit Healthier Snacks!



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