German Lager (Pack of 6)

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The answer to the age old question, “what would beer without alcohol taste like?” Well the answer is simple, our German Lager is made from the very same, imported German hops and malt, but with our innovative 0% alcohol brewing method, what you get is a beer that tastes, smells and feel like the ‘real’ thing, without the nasty hangover. What’s more, with a mere 13 calories per 100 ml serving, and a negligible 2gms of sugar we have even managed to get rid of that nasty beer belly!














6 Reasons To Pick Our Pack of 6 German Lagers

1. Brewed with the Finest Ingredients – Each sip of our non-alcoholic beers is a flood of taste of premium ingredients, sourced from the best sources. 

2. 0% Alcohol, 100% Fun – Skip the alcohol, not the happy times. Enjoy any occasion with a 3Sisters Non alcoholic Beer.

3. Drink & Drive, Guilt Free – At 0% alcohol, our non-alcoholic beverages are the perfect companion for a long road-trip. Turn up the music and enjoy a cold one.

4. Perfect for Social Drinking – Enjoy the party without the worry of a hangover. From the poolside to the Sunday brunches, 3Sisters Non alcoholic Beers refresh like nothing else does.

5. Choose Beer, Not Beer Belly – Our beers (non alcoholic beverages) have 30% less sugar and 50% less calories than a regular beer. This makes it perfect for when you want to enjoy the drink, without missing out on your fitness goals.

6. The Fun Office Drink – Work Drinks are enjoyable when they don’t come with guilt. Enjoy a cold beer while working, or raise a toast with your colleagues at office parties.




















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