No-Bullshit – Roasted Multigrain Snack (Pack of 5)

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Welcome to healthier snacking with No-Bullshit’s Roasted Multigrain Snack.

It’s a mix of 5 grains, it’s light, and it’s delicious! And you can carry it everywhere you go.

Here’s everything notable about the 50 gms pack of Roasted Multigrain Snack –
a. Dayumn delicious
b. Contains 4.79 gm of protein
c. Contains 3.06 gm of fiber
d. Contains 0 Cholesterol
e. Healthier snacking option, anytime and anywhere
f. This is vegan & contains gluten
g. Conversation starter – share it with someone and wonder why we named it No-Bullshit.

Try the Roasted Multigrain Snack. It’s a snack for the snacc in you!


About No-Bullshit Healthier Snacks – 

In healthier snacking, truth is subjective and frankly, overrated. And so are things like ‘superfoods’ or whatever’s the latest jargon being peddled.

That’s why we at No Bullshit have used things that are healthier than most others and at the same time scrumptious. More importantly, we’ve clearly mentioned what’s inside this pack and what isn’t so that our consumers can make informed snacking choices, free from all the bullshit.

Eating this won’t make you super-human. It’ll simply address your hunger and taste great without any of the unnecessary crap.

Open a No Bullshit, your partner in no-bullshit snacking.






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