NEXT GEN Recreational Beverage


Who doesn't like to have a drink once in a while? We'll tell you who…. There are hosts of people, teetotalers, for one, serious fitness enthusiasts, for another, and people who simply hate the groggy, crippling hangover the next day. Why then should this sizeable chunk of people, be left behind when their friends are out having a good time?

That's where the think tank at 3Sisters got thinking. What if there was an alternative? A beer that looked, tasted and felt like the real thing, minus the alcohol! You read that right, a premium non-alcoholic beer. A concept they were sure would capture the imagination of the public. But not being the kind to rest on our laurels, we went ahead and came up with not one or two, but 6 (you read that right) Six variants for people who previously had no choice, but to nurse a calorie rich soft drink or fruit juices all night long.

Our beers are made with the finest ingredients sourced from some of the most awesome suppliers and farms. Our innovative 0% alcohol retentive brewing process, is revolutionary, in that there is actually NO alcohol whatsoever that is generated in the brewing process. This is a major breakthrough, as most other so called ‘non-alcoholic’ beers actually are the real thing, that are subjected to ‘reverse osmosis’ and other alcohol deprivation processes, but are unable to remove all the alcohol from the resulting concoction.

Now we know this information overload, has probably blown your minds. But here comes the clincher… Our beer actually has nearly half the calories of the real thing, and about 30% less sugar… You’re welcome.

Celebrate the new way of having a good time. Welcome to the new standard of celebrations. Welcome to the 3Sisters way of having your cake, and eating it too!