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Beer Lovers Can Have It All!

Beer Lovers Can Have It All!

It’s said that you need to develop taste to enjoy beer. You drink it enough times and your mouth starts craving that sharp and cool taste. Beer becomes synonymous with having fun and spending time with your friends. You become a beer lover and tasting and trying new beers from different breweries becomes an obsession. It is your dream to visit Germany during Oktoberfest and drown in this frothy drink. One day, a friend suggests trying non alcoholic beer and you look at them as if they’ve suggested drinking someone’s piss. Because really, what’s the point of a beer without alcohol? 

Beer lovers usually scrunch up their noses in disgust when they hear about non alcoholic beer. But more and more people are opting for non alcoholic beer nowadays. If you’re a beer lover, making that switch is difficult. But we can promise you that we understand your love for the drink and with new technology and brewing methods, non alcoholic beer tastes just as good if not better than your traditional, sans all the problems related to alcohol. 

Here are some reasons why you might be considering the switch:

  1. Health Problems: It is no news that alcohol is devastatingly harmful to your health. It can cause high blood pressure, liver problems, endocrine issues, heart problems, strokes, cancer, etc. Alcohol can cause some serious problems to your health and if you have the option to cut it down with non alcoholic beer, why not go for it?
  2. No Restrictions to Drinking: With non alcoholic beer, you can enjoy it anywhere. You may be on a roadtrip with your friends in the hills and you could open up a non alcoholic beer. You may be attending a family function and still drink!
  3. Addiction: Alcohol addiction is very difficult to come out of. It has ruined several lives. If you are someone who is prone to get addicted to alcohol, beer without alcohol is a great option as you can still enjoy beer without putting yourself at risk. 
  4. Quitting Alcohol: For health reasons or any other personal reasons, you may have decided to give up alcohol. But if you’ve been drinking for years, quitting cold turkey is almost impossible. Non alcoholic beer can be a great substitute as you slowly bring down your alcohol intake.
  5. Adding to your health: Non alcoholic beer contains fewer calories, hydrates your body and comes in several flavours. It does not harm your health but actually adds to it!
  6. Mental Health: Alcohol worsens the symptoms of depression and anxiety and can cause mood swings in people. Moreover, because alcohol makes you lose control and become more impulsive, some people are prone to become more violent and aggressive after drinking. Alcohol also has a harmful effect on sleep and can ruin your sleep schedule.
  7. Beer Bellies and Hangovers: Beer lovers eventually notice that their love towards the drink has slowly manifested into a small round belly. When you can skip the alcohol in beer and avoid the beer belly altogether, why not go for non alcoholic beers. They won’t even give you any hangovers!

There are many reasons why a beer lover would ideally want to shift to beer without alcohol. But there are some barriers. You might have tried some non alcoholic beer ages ago and given up on the idea for good. They tasted meh. But if you try a good non alcoholic beer brand today, you will be surprised to see how good it tastes. Coolberg non alcoholic beer is a popular choice in India but there are several other non alcoholic beer brands that you can choose from.

With innovative brewing methods and fresh flavours, non alcoholic beer is becoming a favourite among the sober-curious. If you’re a beer lover and wish to cut down on alcohol, there is nothing better than zero alcohol beer. Try the 3Sisters non-alcoholic beer today!

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