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Is Non Alcoholic Beer Set To Replace Regular Beer?

Is Non Alcoholic Beer Set To Replace Regular Beer?

Non alcoholic beer in India is just starting to grab people’s attention. Many are slowly understanding the concept of ‘beer without alcohol’ and warming up to it cautiously. However, globally, non alcoholic beer or low alcohol beer is a veritable option on most bar menus and a drink that people are preferring on outings and social gatherings without having to explain what non alcoholic beer means. It has become an accepted part of drinking culture. With this rise in popularity, it is being questioned if non alcoholic beer is set to replace regular beer. Let’s find out!

Non Alcoholic Beer Recap

Non alcoholic beers or zero alcohol beers taste and feel like usual beers but contain no or low alcohol. The alcohol created during the fermentation process is either removed or the beer is brewed in such a way that only trace amounts of alcohol are formed. By definition, non alcoholic beer should contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Low alcohol beers are allowed to have up to 1.2% ABV while regular, alcoholic beers contain 4.4% of ABV.

Traditionally, beer is made by fermenting grains like wheat or rice. Yeast is used to break down the sugar in the grains into alcohol and other by-products. For non alcoholic beers too, the same method and ingredients are used. Some companies use a special non-fermenting agents to stop the alcohol at the desired levels. However, some companies brew the beer in the traditional way and then remove the alcohol by heating it so the alcohol is evaporated. Reverse osmosis is also used to remove alcohol from beer by passing it through a fine mesh.

Why Are People Choosing Non Alcoholic Beer?

It is a fact that people are choosing non alcoholic or low alcohol beers nowadays. The reasons for this are many but this does not necessarily show a change of taste in people. Rather, with newer non alcoholic drinks available in the market, folks who earlier had no options now have a plethora of non alcoholic drinks to choose from.

With the rise in the sober curious movement, people are rethinking their relationship with alcohol. This movement has encouraged people to say ‘no’ to alcohol without having to say ‘no’ to socialising. The stigma attached to being a teetotaler is decreasing and people are more accepting of the decision to abstain from alcohol.

Alcohol is hazardous to our body. With people gravitating towards healthy lifestyle choices, many are cutting down alcohol from their lives. However, for people who’ve been drinking for years, this is not a very easy transition. Non alcoholic beer is a great option for such times.

In some religions, alcohol is prohibited. Zero alcohol beer becomes the perfect drink for such religious people on social occasions.

Is Non Alcohol Beer Going To Replace Regular Beer?

There are several reasons why people are choosing non alcoholic beer nowadays. The market share of the product reflects this clearly. The global market for non alcoholic beer is expected to grow annually by 7.56% (CAGR 2023-2027) while in India it is expected to grow annually by 8.22% (CAGR 2023-2027).
In comparison, the global market for alcoholic beer is expected to grow by 5.31% (CAGR 2023-2027).

Today, in the US, the share of non alcoholic beer in the beer market has gone from a measly 0.3% to 2%. It is still quite less when compared to regular alcoholic beer, but there is promise of steady growth in this non alcoholic drink.

While India is seeing a tremendous upwards rise of non alcoholic beer, it is still not in competition with alcoholic beer. We don’t see zero alcohol beer replacing regular beer anytime soon, but it will become a hearty competitor someday.

If you’re curious about this trending and healthy zero alcohol beer, we recommend you to try the 3Sisters non alcoholic beer. It comes in 6 flavours and is absolutely delicious. You will find an authentic taste of beer without alcohol or hangovers! Find us on our website or order from Amazon.

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