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Aruba Mocktails & Mixers – Assorted Pack (12 Cans)

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For those who like to try out a little bit of every drink - meet the Assorted 12 Pack of Aruba Mocktails & Mixers

It includes the following mocktails & cocktail mixers –

  1. Mojito – Refreshing taste of mint & lemons. 

  2. Blueberry Lemonade – Exotic Blueberries meet classical Lemonade. 

  3. Cosmopolitan – Zesty cranberries meet passionate peaches. Perfect to make yourself a great Cosmopolitan.

  4. Tonic Water - The OG mixer, this one's a love affair of bittersweet notes. 

  5. Ginger Ale - Spicy cousin to our classic OG mixer. Packed with ginger, loaded with flavour.

Every 250 ml can makes 2 drinks. So, with 12 cans in this pack, you can dish out 24 delishaaaaas cocktails.

  • Mix and match it. Pair it with a slice of lime and botanicals to make a refreshing mocktail.
  • If it’s hard, spike it. Mix it with your favourite whiskey, rum, and more to explore cocktails like never before.
  • It’s Ready-to-Drink, quite literally. Just pop a can and gulp it down on a sunny day.

Why Choose Aruba

Make Great Drinks, Anytime Anywhere

Easy to Use - Just Pour, Stir, Sip!

Make Kickass Drinks In ₹30 Only!

Enjoy It As A Mocktail, Or Use It To Make A Cocktail!

Get the Ultimate Party Guide for Free!

No Artificial Sweeteners, Only Good Vibes!

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