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3Sisters Indie-Soda - Jeera Masala (12 Cans)

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Unleash the tantalizing allure of our Jeera Masala Classic Indie-Soda! Immerse yourself in a symphony of warm and spicy flavors that pay homage to India's culinary heritage.

This effervescent take on authentic Jeera Masala is a celebration of rustic spices and timeless tradition. Crafted from a time-honored recipe, each sip is a journey through the fragrant spice bazaars of the subcontinent. 

Refreshing on its own, it also lends itself as a unique mixer for inventive cocktails. Whether shared at gatherings or enjoyed in solitude, this 12-pack of the Jeera Masala Classic Indie-Soda ensures you're always ready to savor the rich and aromatic essence of India.

For those who love the classics. We've re-imagined the good-old soda flavours everyone's had in their childhood, and fortified them with Vitamin B3, B6, and B12.

  • Just pop a chilled can and gulp it down on a sunny day as a mocktail.
  • Mix it with your favourite whiskey, rum, and more to explore cocktails like never before.

Why Choose Indie-Soda?

Reminds You of the Good Old Days

There's a Memory in Every Sip

No Artificial Sweeteners, Only Good Vibes!

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