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3Sisters Non-alcoholic Beer - German Lager (6 & 12 Cans)

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The answer to the age old question, “what would beer without alcohol taste like?” Well the answer is simple, our German Lager is made from the very same, imported German hops and malt, but with our innovative 0% alcohol brewing method, what you get is a beer that tastes, smells and feel like the ‘real’ thing, without the nasty hangover. What’s more, with a mere 13 calories per 100 ml serving, and a negligible 2gms of sugar we have even managed to get rid of that nasty beer belly!

Relax! It's 0% alcohol, and therefore there's no risk of hangover or getting high.

Parties often mean booze. And so, 3Sisters is for those who don't want to get high. Refresh, hold a conversation, and groove through the night.

Why Choose 3Sisters

No Alcohol, No Tension

Enjoy Beer, Anytime Anywhere

Perfect for Social Gatherings

No Artificial Sweeteners, Only Good Vibes!

Ab No Chup-Chup k Peena!

Better for Health, Light on the Wallet

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