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3Sisters Non-alcoholic Beer - Peach (6 & 12 Cans)

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Did you know that peaches were the favourite fruit of Chinese royalty? Want to feel like a Royal? Quite simple, chug on our Peach Beer, and if it doesn’t leave you feeling like a KING or QUEEN, well keep at it, we guarantee it will work!

Relax! It's 0% alcohol, and therefore there's no risk of hangover or getting high.

Parties often mean booze. And so, 3Sisters is for those who don't want to get high. Refresh, hold a conversation, and groove through the night.

Why Choose 3Sisters

No Alcohol, No Tension

Enjoy Beer, Anytime Anywhere

Perfect for Social Gatherings

No Artificial Sweeteners, Only Good Vibes!

Ab No Chup-Chup k Peena!

Better for Health, Light on the Wallet

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